About Us

Larry Deidrick has been selling on eBay since 2001 and has been an eBay Power Seller for many of those years. He has been in the business of antiques and collectibles for good part of his life, and he opened YourOnLineAuctionPlace in Columbiana, Ohio in 2004 and has listed over 25,000 items on eBay with sales in the millions. His company is one of the most respected companies on eBay with excellent feedback ratings. Check out our eBay ratings yourself and see what other people are saying about us.

Larry has developed the techniques necessary to successfully sell on eBay and at the highest prices. Only one out of four items listed on eBay's worldwide site sells and Larry has developed techniques that have resulted in a rate twice that of eBay. These techniques have earned Larry the title of eBay training specialist and is approved by eBay to teach the techniques of How to Sell on eBay. If you want to sell your stuff on eBay, Larry can show you the techniques to become an eBay Power Seller.