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Why should I use Your Online Auction Place?

Your Online Auction Place is a professional eBay Power Seller with over 20 years experience in selling your items on eBay and other auction sites. We are much more than an eBay Drop Off Store. We use eBay and other online auction sites to sell your merchandise. We also use local outlets as well such as consignment stores and local auctions. Our goal is to sell your merchandise for the highest possible price. Our research is the key to successful sales.

  • Customers bring in items that they would like to sell.
  • Your Online Auction Place thoroughly researches the items to determine current fair market values.
  • Digital photographs are taken.
  • Descriptions are written and an attractive, detailed listing is placed on eBay.
  • Your Online Auction Place tracks the auction, answers questions from prospective buyers, processes the payment, packages the item, and ships it to the winner when the auction closes

We do more than any other drop off store. We can sell these & more:

  • Antiques
  • Collectibles
  • Excess business inventory
  • Commercial business equipment
  • Furniture
  • Firearms
  • Watches
  • Whatever else you might find

The only requirement is that it will make some money for both of us.

One of our specialties is liquidation of personal and business estates. We can provide complete liquidation through eBay and other online auction sites and local auctions. We also buy complete estates. Give me a call and lets see how we can help.

What it Costs

Your Online Auction Place has one of the lowest commissions in the industry. The cost of selling your stuff on eBay includes our low commission and the listing fees that eBay charges.

Listing Fees

  1. Listing fees for a No reserve 7-day auction is $5.00 at the time of consignment. (This is often waived for volume) The starting bid determined by research could reflect an additional small eBay listing fee ranging from $.20 to a maximum of $4.00.
  2. Reserve auctions are available at additional fees. Call us to discuss the benefits and/or drawbacks to reserve auctions.


  • 25% of the first final sale value

eBay Fees

  • As Charged by eBay

Call for commissions on high value items and large estates. Our goal is to sell your stuff at the highest price possible.

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